Little Free Library

Little Free Library
Nolita, NYC, 2013

The Little Free Library has temporarily moved to Green Oasis Community Garden in the East Village. Many thanks to Green Oasis for kindly opening their doors to the Library while its home in Nolita is under renovation; to Nolita neighbors: the Library is only few minutes away, continue visiting the Library and enjoy the beautiful community garden space.
Also, we are happy to announce the birth of a sister Library in Thessaloniki-Greece! Congratulations to Thessaloniki next2u for making it possible and doing a great execution of Stereotank's open source design with Think Tank.

Take a book and return a book in Nolita's Little Free Library.

The Architectural League of New York partnered with Pen World Voices Festival to bring Little Free Library to New York City. Ten designers were chosen to create one Little Free Library each in Downtown Manhattan. Stereotank was selected to design a Little Free Library at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School in Nolita. The design consisted in creating an 'inhabitable' Little Free Library, where users could immerse themselves and take the time to browse through books and borrow or exchange them. The structure is built out of an upside down plastic tank and a wooden frame. Perforations around the tank allow visitors to peek inside and preview the interior, which invites them to duck under and discover the book collection while still having a connection with the exterior.

Special Thanks to:

The Architectural League
Pen World Voices
The Brooklyn Cottage
St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School
The They Co.

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